Project Site WP7: Salerno - Test Facility for large Magnet and superconducting Line (TFML). The objective is the setup of a large cryogenic facility capable to test magnets up to 25 kA at various temperatures and types of cooling in the 4 K-25 K range, and test the SL with a current capability of at least 40 kA and 25 kV.

The program is aimed to strengthen the field of activity in a new Test Facility for large Magnet and superconducting Line (TFML), and in general to integrate the capabilities of the national network in the field of superconducting magnets (i.e. Genova and Milano sites). Within this framework, to support the demanding for new innovative green technologies, we also take the responsibility for installing a new test facility able to test power transmission lines (up to 1 GW) to be used in HVDC section, based on superconducting technology, thus working at cryogenic temperatures. Thus, we practically have five main activities in this WP:

  • Common to all the activities, there is a civil engineering activity. The envisaged work is to collect first all the needs coming from the experimental requirements associated to the scientific activities of the infrastructure. The final arrangement of the old and new buildings as well as of all the technological services will be integrated to make the activities for the infrastructure integrated and connected as much as possible according to the DNSH principle. For these reasons, the new buildings will be located in the close vicinity of the existing one. The design and the project, the realization and the buildings' construction activities will be taken within this activity. The O.U. taking care of this activity is the Physics Department, University of Salerno.
  • Increasing the cryogenic capabilities of the existing laboratory to include LHe services (production/recovery and storage). This activity will practically envisage the realization of a high pressure (200 bar) compression stage for He gas, the procurement of compressors, the design and procurement of a Gas Management Panel, the installation of a He recovery bag with control system, the procurement and installation of high-pressure tanks (19 mc of volume, for an equivalent of 5000 litres of LHe). The procurement of a large dewar (cryogenic container) to store 3000 l of LHe will complete the extension of the cryogenic facility. The O.U. taking care of this activity is INFN-Napoli (Salerno Group).

Setting a new testing facility for 1 GW HVDC superconducting line, extending up to 150 m in length. This testing facility will include a control hall with technological services like the cryogenic refrigeration system (He stream 500W @ 20K +500 W@77K), the power converter (40 kA, the HV power supply (25-kV), services and safety. Finally a long (60-70m) covered dugout for hosting the superconducting power cable will be realized. This activity is not an extension of existing laboratory, but a new dedicated facility which falls in the new “green” line energy, one of the most promising societal applications of the superconductivity. The special application envisaged is the HVDC back lines, which are the latest technology for connecting different grids regardless their frequency. The DC operation is the ideal mode for a superconductor, which falls in its zero dissipations state. It will require a dedicated civil infrastructure for safety reasons. The maximum testing capabilities will be of about 1 GW, separately achieved as 40 kA maximum current, and 25 kV maximum voltage. Thus, a suitable cryogenic refrigerator providing the 20K He stream, a 40 kA power converter, and a 25 kV power supply, will be procured and installed. The control room will be foreseen, though its electronics is developed in WP 5. The test station will foresee also a long covered external dugout where the power line under test will be hosted in a safe way. The O.U. taking care of this activity is he INFN-Napoli (Salerno Group) 

  • Increasing the potential testing of superconducting devices and materials under a strong background magnetic field by setting up a dedicated laboratory. The system will include with a variable temperature insert. This activity, which will be in a new dedicated space, where the power supply and cryogenic leads and lines will be also installed. In order to test large-dimension superconducting devices, in this building, a control equipment will be set and a VTI that will be designed and realized. The O.U. taking care of this activity is the Physics Department, University of Salerno.
  • We aim to strengthen the research capacity for testing superconducting materials, as films, wires and tapes, especially focusing on the analysis of realistic stress and strain configurations when superconducting materials are employed in high magnetic field. The main goal of this activity is therefore to acquire a measuring station of electrical properties in cryogenic conditions, in the presence of applied magnetic fields (up to 9 Tesla) equipped with strain gauges. The latter, unlike the classic systems based on the application of a uniform hydrostatic pressure in all directions, allow to exert extremely controllable deformations along precise directions, which can in principle also be achieved with piezoelectric systems, which however have a lower reliability at low temperatures. The O.U. taking care of this activity is the CNR-SPIN, Sede Secondaria di Salerno.




SPIN-SA - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

SA-DIFI - Università degli Studi di Salerno




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